Sziget food crawl!

In the interests of a decent night’s sleep, or even some serious late night partying, you will find yourself not just in need of a good lunch and dinner, but breakfast too. However, at the Sziget Festival, there usually comes a point where you start to lose your grip on your normal eating habits and traditional mealtimes go out the window. But just for the sake of order, let’s see if we can eat normally from one morning to the next.


Whether you want a healthy breakfast, you have a sweet tooth or you’re after something savoury, there’s no need to leave the Sziget site. Visitors to the Durán sandwich stand can choose from more than ten different types of sandwiches, five of which are just perfect to kick-start the day, and they will do your liver no end of good between drinks if you’re in a more lugubrious state. For a quick hit of sugar, the Donut Box is the place to be, with choices ranging from a simple Nutella doughnut all the way to crème brûlée. And if you fancy some vitamin intake to keep your system just about in order, Sziget’s very own mini grocers or the freshly-squeezed juice from the Juicebar could be just what the doctor ordered.



Even here, it’s easy to get lost in the masses of pizza, hotdog and burger stands, but there’s also a lot of variety to be had. Alongside the old favourite PolaPola, the CheChe “non-burger” stand caught our eye this time around. For lunch, aside from their Thai chicken and fitness sandwiches, they also have the best steak sandwich you’ll ever eat (in our humble opinion). You can talk the talk all you want, but CheChe knows something. The discovery of the week, however, were the Casa Sabatelli guys all the way from Italy, whose homemade pasta really whet the appetite and provided an instant energy boost. You can choose between four types of pasta and various sauces for the perfect pasta lunch.


Evening bites

To our great delight, one of our favourite street food vendors from the Belváros Market also wheeled its truck over to the Sziget Festival. The stylish chef and showman Márk Lakatos likes to be in the limelight, so it’s only right that we should set the bar high when it comes to tasting his dishes. He has “festivalised” his sausage-based snacks for the festival audience by serving them in a burger format, making them perfect for a quick refill between concerts. Of course, sausages haven’t disappeared entirely from the menu as the hamburger buns contain patties made from sausage meat, and then let’s stop here for and let that sink in. Got it? Good. Their main attraction alongside their popular red onion salad is a Unicum Plum ketchup, which you will only find at Sziget. Cheeseburger fever has also arrived at FoodPunk, and we also recommend the chia pudding, undoubtedly the gastronomical smash hit of 2016.


VIP and Super VIP

The VIP area at Divino this year, just for example, didn’t just entertain festival goers, but also had a great street food stand too, serving a range of Far Eastern and European delights. Next door was the KIOSK grill, which has established a fine line in trendy dining in recent years with sausages, hamburgers and chicken breasts. For those on a strict diet who never lose their discipline there was also Caesar salad and cheese fried in breadcrumbs. And taking things to a whole new level, the Costes brothers’ stall awaited the pickiest of festival goers with open arms.

Now it’s your turn Szitizens: come eat yourselves silly at the Sziget festival!


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