Top wine and champagne bar in Budapest

Top wine bars

1. N28 wine bar and kitchen



With the opening of N28 Wine Kitchen, the dream of two famous Hungarian wineries came true. Károly Barta and winemaker Vivien Ujvári makes world-class Tokaj wines in Mád, while József Szentesi is the leading winemaker of the northern part of Lake Velence.  Their duo gave birth to this unique restaurant, which offers a selection of rural, domestic wineries we cannot find anywhere else in Budapest. In such places, specialties are produced in small batches, often failing to reach the wider wine-loving public.  Here, they are available both to try and to purchase – if you fall in love with one of them, you might as well take a bottle home. There are currently nearly 150 quality Hungarian wines, champagnes, and dessert wines in the wine shop, most of which are certified natural wines with an organic approach. Their team is complemented by the world-traveled and world-famous head chef Márk Molnár, who pairs wines with seasonal dishes to create a perfect harmony of tastes. Here, the food is paired with the wine and not the other way around.

N28 address :1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 28.

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2. Etoile champagne bar 



Entering the iconic building of Párisi Udvar, one can pop into the unique Étoile Champagne Bar that offers only champagnes as a first in Budapest. The name Étoile means star in French, referring to the natural brilliance of champagne and a legend about the drink’s origin.

Once at the bar, we might sip at a glass of bubbly chilled to the perfect temperature, try a contemporary cocktail made from champagne, or pop a magical vintage bottle. Étoile offers guests more than 50 French champagnes, of which 20 are also available by the glass.

In addition, Lajos Lutz, the executive chef of Paris Passage and a member of the Bocuse d’Or Academy, dreamed up the dishes accompanying the French bubbly. Lutz’s personality shines through his creations: along with French flavors, his favorite Japanese cuisine might also spring to mind.

Étoile address: 1054 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 10.

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3. DiVino borbár



DiVino boasts a long history of gastronomy and wine trade. While the focus is on wine, spirits, and long drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails and specialty beers are also included in their selection.

The founders of DiVino had two main goals: to set a new direction for the Hungarian wine culture and to bring winemakers closer to their guests. Hence, all their wine bars offer batches produced by young Hungarian winemakers. Wines are provided by the members of the Junibor association, with whom DiVino is continuously shaping its offer to deliver the most unique and versatile wines to the public.

The most iconic wine bar of DiVino is located near the Basilica on Szent István Square. The youthful concept is echoed by the design, the minimalist furniture, and the long tables. The wine selection covers the approximately 25 wineries active in the organization.

DiVino address: 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 3.

Facebook: DiVino 



4. MyWine borbár



This cozy place on Arany János street also operates as a delicatessen and offers a variety of small-brewery beers. Thus, there are plenty of options, even if our companions are less keen on wine.

Among the owners, we once again find Károly Barta and József Szentesi, the latter mainly known for his interest in forgotten grape varieties. In My Wine, guests can also taste traditional wines produced from these old varieties. These include a limited number of curiosities, even last bottles.

We mainly find items from smaller wineries and pioneering winemakers. If we ask the sommeliers, captivating stories and stunning personalities might emerge behind the drinks.

My Wine address: 1054 Budapest, Arany János utca 16.

Facebook: My Wine 



5. Palack borbár



Located at 3 Szent Gellért Square, the Palack Borbár is a new highlight of the bohemian quarter of the XI. district. The interior is spacious and bright, with a simple yet elegant wooden design. An excellent spot for a glass of wine or spritzer, Palack’s menu contains about 80-100 selected wines: most of these come from smaller but highly regarded wineries.

It is worth considering the recommendations of the sommelier Gábor Petrányi while we enjoy tapas, ham, and cheese platters alongside the wines. Palack welcomes guests with various concerts, exhibitions, and wine tastings. In addition, the bar is located in the same building as the Prophet Gallery, a venue that hosts high-quality exhibitions.

Palack address: 1111 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 3. 

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6. 0,75 Bistro



The owners of the Palack wine bar created its big brother in Pest, adding some Bazilika buzz to the friendly atmosphere of Palack.

0,75 awaits guests with the same high-quality Hungarian wines, exclusive items, and a menu made with ingredients from domestic producers. It offers more than 100 types of wine, craft draft beer, homemade syrups, lemonades, regionally selected coffee, and bistro-style cuisine.

Due to its excellent location and unique spaces, 0,75 is perfectly suitable for corporate or private events, small or large. The young and competent staff is well acquainted with Hungarian wines and winemakers, introducing them to the public in a way that is understandable for everyone.

0,75 address : 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 6.

Facebook: 0,75 Bistro


7. Doc Pane e Vino borbár



The name of this wine bar refers to the Italian protection of origin regulations, a guarantee of quality wine production. The shop offers masterpieces from 21 D.O.C. classified Italian wine regions, alongside bottles from organic, artisan, and biodynamic wineries. Guests can taste a glass of Soavé, Gavi, Barolo, Primitivo, or Brunello.​​

A list of more than 200 items includes the masterpieces of iconic vineyards such as Sassicaia, Tignanello, Ornellaia, and Mille e una note. The wine selection is enriched by an unparalleled selection of Grappa and Amaro.

In the meantime, the kitchen offers similar quality: dishes are dreamed up by Alessandro Manna and Zsolt Haraszti, while in Gastronomia Pomo D’oro, cheeses and cold meats from the best Italian producers are lined up at the counter.​​

DOC address:1051 Budapest, Arany János utca 12.

Facebook: DOC 



8. Kóstolom borbár



Kóstolom is a cozy, sophisticated basement wine bar, wine shop, and workshop in the immediate neighborhood of Lövőház street. A place where you can talk to the winemakers and learn about the profession, surrounded by good wines.

Also functioning as a wine marketing company, Kóstolom still organizes exciting professional presentations, discussions with leading winemakers, and exciting wine duels between the most famous wine experts.

Their impressive wine selection contains nearly 150 well-chosen items, two-thirds Hungarian and one-third imported. Along with the wines, they also offer spreads, ham-and-cheese platter with bread from one of the best Hungarian artisan bakeries, goose pâté, and Spanish olives.

Kóstolom address: 1024 Budapest, Káplár utca 19.

Facebook: Kóstolom 



9. Takler borbár Buda



A new gem at Óbuda, the Takler Wine Bar introduces Szekszárd’s best wines to the people of Budapest. Their air-conditioned, street-front terrace is open to guests all summer long.

Although the name Takler is associated with quality red wine, the head winemaker, Ferenc Takler Jr. is also well-versed in summer wines. The Spicc sparkling is an excellent choice for those who prefer a delicately scented, fresh, light white wine. Another refreshing option is the Sauvignon blanc with its cool, mostly elderberry character. The wines are best consumed along with Chef Viktor Ekler’s outstanding dishes, such as marinated catfish with fennel or peach pie.

Takler address: Budapest, Bécsi út 67.

Facebook: Takler 


10. Ménesi borbár



The Ménesi Wine Bar aims to introduce the wonders of Hungarian wine to its guests, yet it has more than just quality wines to offer. This cozy, rustic bar boasts a selection of more than a hundred types of white wine, rosé, siller, red wine, sparkling wine, sparkling wine, and champagne from more than 80 excellent winemakers.

Beer lovers can choose from more than 25 types of Belgian artisan beers, as well as specialties from Ireland, America, Thailand, Japan, and the Check Republic. Drinks are accompanied by an extensive selection of snacks, hamburgers, and richly loaded Ménesi platters.

In addition to the excellent kitchen and the live music, the bar’s one-of-a-kind “basement gallery” provides a pleasant atmosphere for corporate or private events.

Ménesi address:1114 Budapest, Ménesi út 1. 

Facebook: Ménesi 


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