A diner of Emperors: Vígvarjú provides a real glimpse into the history of Pest

Vígvarjú Budapest

Taste the century-long tradition at a legendary spot 

For visitors with culinary and intellectual curiosity, lunch or dinner at Vígvarjú is unmissable to absorb the Pest experience. With a combination of elegance, good taste, and affordable prices, Vígvarjú represents a standard in gastronomy that is hard to come by even in the bustling streets of Budapest. Located at the legendary Pesti Vigadó, which once even hosted the emperor himself, Vígvarjú today offers the same legendary hospitality.

Still relevant and valued in the 21st century, the Pesti Vigadó has remained an iconic spot of Pest throughout the past 157 years. The historical environment provides a rich yet cozy atmosphere, and for a good reason: the venue, built in 1865, was based on the plans of Frigyes Feszl, one of the most prominent architects of the era.



An ever-present, soothing melody, the sound of the piano has always been essential to the spirit of the place. Music has long been intertwined with the history of the Vigadó, which once hosted the concerts of world-renowned composers Ferenc Liszt and Ferenc Erkel. It is no wonder then that history permeates every corner of the building, and in addition to culinary delights, this is a place of intellectual nourishment.



The most reliable reference comes from no other than an emperor himself. As the brightest jewel of the Danube Promenade, the Vigadó once hosted a banquet organized in honor of the emperor’s coronation. Back in 1867, the Austrian emperor, József Ferenc was beyond thrilled with the hospitality, an opinion he would surely uphold if he visited the Vígvarjú today.



Granted, he would opt for the traditional Schnitzel with potato salad, but there is an array of culinary classics to choose from: the masterful dishes of chef Gyula Molnár include rosé duck breast with marinated rhubarb, venison tenderloin with marinated shimeji mushroom and grilled salmon steak with spinach velouté, to name a few.



To conclude the dinner in Pest style, a choice of unique desserts awaits, including Austro-Hungarian specialties once found at the confectioneries of the Empire. While bird’s milk with sponge dumplings or the Somlói Galuska may not instantly ring a bell, a spoonful is enough to leave the visitorsmouth watering.

Part of the Vakvarjú brand, Vígvarjú is undoubtedly the most elegant jewel of the restaurant chain. But make no mistake: while the arches of the ceiling and the chandeliers radiate a sense of royalty, Vígvarjú is just as cozy as it is magnificent. 



The reasonable prices attract tourists as well as the Pest folk. Gluten-free and vegan options are plentiful, and even kids receive a warm welcome with a children’s menu. Vígvarjú is truly a place not to be missed.


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Address : Vigadó tér 2., Budapest


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