One, two, thirteen – The best Italian restaurants

Italian is always a good choice if we’re talking about cars, clothes, design item, soccer teams, guys, and especially restaurants. We’d like to give you some tips in the latter mainly because unlike Italian guys, these restaurants won’t let you down for sure. Without further ado, here are the 13 Italian restaurants we like best at the moment.

Al Dente

This small, classic Italian is somewhat tucked away inside Krúdy street and it offers exactly what it promises. There are a number of reasons why you should visit, but chief amongst them are the antipasti and the great atmosphere and bustling activity of Mikszáth square. Everything depends on the mood of chef Uccio but this is what makes an Italian restaurant and Italian restaurant.

Fotó: Facebook // Al Dente

Photo: Facebook // Al Dente

Anyukám Mondta

Their wood oven is already legendary as well as their buffalo mozzarella or their coffee. There are those who travel all the way to Encs for a quick bite of pizza. We are always sad to leave the restaurant because the only thing better than a supper at Anyukám Mondta is the lunch the next day.

Fotó: Facebook // Anyukám Mondta

Photo: Facebook // Anyukám Mondta

Caffé Gian Mario

Even the way they say hi to us here is authentic and spontaneous in the most Italian way. Zero artificiality with the maximum amount of socializing. Native Budapesters, Hungarian Italians, and travelers can all be found here. Watching a soccer game here is an experience on its own, but to be in heaven we need to get a ristretto and a pizza too.

Fotó: Facebook // Caffè GianMario

Photo: Facebook // Caffè GianMario

Porcellino Grasso

Porcellino is located in the middle of Rózsadomb and it’s one of the most beloved family restaurants of the city. In summer it welcomes everyone with its spacious terrace. Oven-baked pizzas, Italian dished made from authentic ingredients in an environment that evokes a real trattoria feeling. They also have a pizza making course for kids every afternoon on weekdays.

Fotó: Facebook // Porcellino Grasso Ristorante

Photo: Facebook // Porcellino Grasso Ristorante

Jamie’s Italian

The city’s newest favorite: The Hungarian piece of the world-renowned British chef, Jamie Oliver’s franchise where Gennaro Cotaldo has also left his mark. Real Italian flavors prepared simply but perfectly. Youthful, exciting, and trendy for big gatherings.

Fotó: Facebook // Jamie's Italian Budapest

Photo: Facebook // Jamie’s Italian Budapest

Ristorante Krizia

This little jewel close to Oktogon square is a real date restaurant. Small tables, little corners to hide in, and crazy good flavors. The service is nice but discrete. Special dishes for extraordinary occasions. We strongly recommend you try the roasted lamb shoulder and the goat cheese and fig parfait!

Fotó: Facebook // Ristorante Krizia

Photo: Facebook // Ristorante Krizia

Trattoria Pomo d’Oro

The cornerstone of Via Italia, one of the flagships of Hungarian Italian gastronomy. Their kitchen features fresh, quality ingredients that showcase the diversity of Italian gastronomy. Friendly lunch, first or umpteenth rendezvous or business meeting? We can be sure of one thing: we will leave satisfied after we had dinner here.

Fotó: Facebook // Trattoria Pomo D'Oro

Photo: Facebook // Trattoria Pomo D’Oro


Fausto di Vora offers two choices for those who visit him: we can either eat at the more relaxed, bistro-like Osteria or the more upscale and elegant Ristorante. The one thing that’s the same at both places is the high standard of food we get. Fresh, seasonal and authentic dishes in the Osteria and sophisticated, contemporary and attractively plated Italian dishes in the elegant restaurant area.



Trattoria Toscana

One of the first “Super Italian” restaurants. It has represented high-quality Italian cooking in our country for a long time. They prepare traditional dishes from the Tuscan region, and thanks to this we can always come here for a huge steak Florentine, which they get straight from the old country. Like many other Italian trattorias, they have an extensive wine collection to choose from.

Fotó: Facebook // Trattoria Toscana

Photo: Facebook // Trattoria Toscana


They’re a fairly new contender on the food scene situated on the biggest tourist route. We’d like to think it’s more like a jab intended for the neighboring Cucina and not an accident that the restaurant’s called “Revenge”.  Maybe the old proverb pressure makes diamonds will prove to be true in this case. Vendetta can take the hits as they come. It’s a big city Italian restaurant with established dishes. Sometimes the décor can outshine the food itself but all in all it delivers on its promises.

Fotó: Facebook // Vendetta - Pasta e basta

Photo: Facebook // Vendetta – Pasta e basta

Da Mario

Old and reliable downtown Italian with the taste of big city Italian restaurants. This can be achieved because Italian cuisine is very adaptive and assimilates local conditions and styles quickly. It loses some of its originality this way, but it represents the usual Italian standard that has since become international. 

Fotó: Facebook // Da Mario

Photo: Facebook // Da Mario

Millennium da Pippo

Homely, Sicilian trattoria with live music. It lacks “risky” innovations. Checkered tablecloths with “homely” cuisine which stubbornly makes some of the same mistakes as a household kitchen. We can easily consider these to mistakes to be traditional if it’s but everyone has to decide this for themselves.



TG Italiano

A downtown leader, a legend with an open kitchen encased in glass that has huge traffic every day. Their grill lineup is also impressive. Its grandeur would raise some eyebrows even in Italy. Their dishes are renewed regularly but freshness is always their basic consideration. They’re perfectly at home when it comes to clean Italian traditions. All the favorites are made with love here and the atmosphere is also unique.

Fotó: Facebook // TG Italiano

Photo: Facebook // TG Italiano

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