Where to relax on Sunday noon? – The 9 best Sunday Brunch places in Budapest

Brunch was invented to fill the void between breakfast and lunch. And we are so glad someone invented it! By now this hybrid meal has conquered the whole world and starts at about 11 am and lasts until we want it to last. Because of the late start, it’s usually limited to weekends, especially Sundays when it’s ok to sleep in. The main ingredients of a Sunday brunch are: getting up late, lying around in bed, and no breakfast because we have to leave place for the brunch. Gather the family and friends and head towards your desired restaurant!

ÉS Bisztró

In the heart of the city, in the basement of Hotel Kempinski, you’ll find the perfect spot for a casual, friends and family style lunch. They make the best Tafelspitz in town that could rival its Austrian relative. But from noon to 3 pm it becomes an all you can eat type place for a fixed price and you can choose anything and in any order from their menu card. They get extra points for the arts and crafts activity they hold for children every Sunday.

Fotó: Facebook // ÉS Bisztró

Photo: Facebook // ÉS Bisztró


It’s not a coincidence we find ourselves in a fancy hotel again because brunches were the domain of hotels in the beginning. The restaurant of the Budapest Four Seasons Hotel is called Kollázs and is run by Árpád Győrffy. They have perfected the meaning of Sunday lunch among other things. Their Sunday menu changed every month and contains everything from soups to fish and meat entrees and of course desserts. They combine French and Hungarian elements with a little twist.

Fotó: Facebook // KOLLÁZS - Brasserie & Bar

Photo: Facebook // KOLLÁZS – Brasserie & Bar

Paris Budapest

With its gorgeous view of the Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge, the restaurant at the foot of Sofitel waits for anyone who has a craving for brunch. We’ll jump into a real French atmosphere if we choose Paris Budapest’s interactive Sunday brunch. We get to choose the ingredients of our lunch from a selection of more than 50. The chefs that are lined up behind the counter will transform our chosen ingredients into the most flavorful dish possible. We get to be French chefs for a day and we don’t even have to worry about the dish.

Fotó: Facebook // Paris Budapest Restaurant and Bar

Photo: Facebook // Paris Budapest Restaurant and Bar


Kiosk is not only for Friday night parties with our friends. We should also take our family there for a Sunday lunch. We can eat here on the last day of the week just as we would back home: they serve big portions that are excellent for sharing. Everyone can eat their fill. This is a relaxed place without any constraints where everyone from teenager to granny can have a good time. The menu indicated which dishes can be ordered in big portions that serve multiple people. Table Sharing.

Fotó: Facebook // Kiosk Budapest

Photo: Facebook // Kiosk Budapest


Saturday buffet style lunch inside the Marriott Hotels restaurant peppers! Mediterranean Grill that is located on the shore of the Danube. We get to choose from Hungarian and Mediterranean flavored dishes: apart from the hot and cold appetizers we can order soups and entrees from the menu card that are freshly prepared for us.

Fotó: peppers! // Facebook

Photo: peppers! // Facebook


Everything is real and authentic here every Sunday. They buy their products from the farmers market they host and then whip up an amazing buffet for us to enjoy. And while we take our time the kids can play or take part in the arts and crafts activity they hold for them. Then we arrive at lunch where representatives from civil organizations cook from local ingredients in exchange for donations.

Fotó: Szimpla Háztáji // Facebook

Photo: Szimpla Háztáji // Facebook

Buddha Bar

If we want to break free from the spell of schnitzels and bouillons for at least a Sunday we should take a deep breath and travel to Asia. Relax, it’s not as far away as you think! The restaurant of Buddha Bar awaits us every Sunday with an Asian buffet, freshly prepared dishes and the biggest sushi selection of Budapest.

Fotó: Buddha-Bar Budapest // Facebook

Photo: Buddha-Bar Budapest // Facebook


Again, a great view of the Danube. The restaurant of Hotel InterContinental offers a variety of packaged menus for brunch-goers on Sunday. Along with the classical Hungarian dishes, they serve special cheeses and sushi plate. They also have a vegetarian selection.

Fotó: InterContinental Budapest // Facebook

Photo: InterContinental Budapest // Facebook


We could schedule a Sunday brunch every month to the Araz restaurant because they change their style of cooking monthly. And their offer is very attractive: A skilled kindergarten teacher takes care of our children while we enjoy the benefits of the all you can eat and drink menu. There’s also a wellness section here that we can visit. In January they take us to India with their coconut-curry fish soup and the lamb meat cooked with piquant spice oil.

Fotó: ARAZ Étterem // Facebook

Photo: ARAZ Étterem // Facebook

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