A diner of Emperors: Vígvarjú provides a real glimpse into the history of Pest

Taste the century-long tradition at a legendary spot  For visitors with culinary and intellectual curiosity, lunch or dinner at Vígvarjú is unmissable to absorb the Pest experience. With a combination of elegance, good taste, and affordable prices, Vígvarjú represents a standard in gastronomy that is hard to come by even in the bustling streets of

Top wine and champagne bar in Budapest

1. N28 wine bar and kitchen     With the opening of N28 Wine Kitchen, the dream of two famous Hungarian wineries came true. Károly Barta and winemaker Vivien Ujvári makes world-class Tokaj wines in Mád, while József Szentesi is the leading winemaker of the northern part of Lake Velence.  Their duo gave birth to

A bite of heaven – French toast deluxe

French toast is the easiest breakfast to make but we’ll show you how interesting it can be. Lajos Lutz the creative chef of the Zsidai Group applies small but significant changes to this everyday dish to make it more special. Let’s get to it and make it for the whole family. Or if you feel

One, two, thirteen – The best Italian restaurants

Italian is always a good choice if we’re talking about cars, clothes, design item, soccer teams, guys, and especially restaurants. We’d like to give you some tips in the latter mainly because unlike Italian guys, these restaurants won’t let you down for sure. Without further ado, here are the 13 Italian restaurants we like best

5+1 gastro tips from Sopron

Fresh air is not the only thing that’s recommended at the foot of the Alps. Here you will find 5-1 culinary specialties from Sopron. While taking in the sights around the city, we should eat, drink wine, go to bistros or just sit down for a piece of cake somewhere. Harrer Chocolate and Confectionary While

Fabolous breakfasts on both sides of the Danube

Join us on our tour that lasts from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm where we take a look at the restaurants of the Zsidai Group both in Pest and Buda. Starting from March we can also enjoy breakfast pleasures inside the Opera Café. Bacon and champagne Not too wild a combination if we imagine a