5+1 gastro tips from Sopron

Fresh air is not the only thing that’s recommended at the foot of the Alps. Here you will find 5-1 culinary specialties from Sopron. While taking in the sights around the city, we should eat, drink wine, go to bistros or just sit down for a piece of cake somewhere.

Harrer Chocolate and Confectionary

While basking in the city view sitting inside the spacious, turquoise colored interior our biggest problem will be to choose between the masterpiece Lido slice or the elegant bonbons of Karl with grapefruit of Tonka bean filling. They also make chocolate bars from cocoa beans that they roast themselves. Our favorites include the caramelized rosemary and lemon beebrush pieces. For those who want more than a simple cake and coffee experience, we recommend the chocolate tasting. The hour long taste trip takes us around the world with unique flavors from America, Africa, and Oceania. In the winter season, a tasting like this can have a medicinal effect. We highly recommend you make an appointment!

Fotó: www.harrercafe.com

Photo: www.harrercafe.com


In the new line of cafés in the Castle District, our absolute favorite is the Kultúrpresszó. Out “Specialty” espresso trickles into our cup from a La Marzocco machine. The blend they use is the top product of a manufactory in Budapest. We can view the unique pieces of Hungarian designers while waiting for our jitter juice. Dresses, purses, and jewelry all waiting for their new owners. On the shelves, among the old but gold books, we spot a familiar board game: Gazdálkodj Okosan!, a game from the 60’s. Homemade cakes, paleo desserts, and crunchy salted rolls are all on the menu.

Fotó: Kultúrpresszó // Facebook

Fotó: Kultúrpresszó // Facebook

DIÓ Sarki Fűszeres

This is a small deli at the Ógabona square, which is jam-packed all the time. The good old homemade sausage has a big fan base back home. We sampled some made from Mangalica: piquantly flavored with paprika, finely sliced, incredibly good. Could we get one more slice, please? We also bought some Linden honey, strawberry jam with white chocolate and verjus. We ate all of them during the holiday season.

Fotó: DIÓ sarki fűszeres/greissler am eck/corner grocery // Facebook

Photo: DIÓ sarki fűszeres/greissler am eck/corner grocery // Facebook

Taste Vino

This is the relaxed and cozy wine bar of Szabolcs Lukács with an outstanding range of wines to offer. It’s always worth to stop by here for a glass! Szabi, who is a Hungarian sommelier champion, is a hands-on owner. He comes over talks and gives us wines to taste with the utmost respect for his customers and his profession. You have to be fast to get a place at his tastings in advance, otherwise attending is nearly impossible. While we were there he enthralled our taste buds with a Tuscan “hotshot”. Grissini, cured ham and olives follow. This is the only way to live!

Fotó: www.tastevino.hu

Fotó: www.tastevino.hu

Gázfröccs – ruin pub at Deák square

The former civil housing area now lives on as a pub where we’re surrounded by grandma’s old furniture. We’re late to the Friday night party but we are in a mood for some Palinka. We get ourselves a round of “fruit bombs” from Hegykő. A bunch of youngsters cheer us on from the neighboring sofa while we down our spirits and follow it up with beer from Sopron. Carpe diem!

Fotó: www.gazfroccs.com

Photo: www.gazfroccs.com

5+1. Erhardt, the stylish countryman

Be it a glass of Kékfrankos from Sopron or grandpa’s letcho with sausage the traditional is favored here, spiced up with international and local specialties. The whole family has been working together for years now at number 10 Balfi Street and this can be felt in every dish. They put heart and soul into their cooking. They further enhance their plates in accordance with customer reviews. This is how a stylish restaurant is in Sopron!


Erhardt Restaurant

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