On the trail of the best wine bars in Budapest

What makes a good wine bar? It is time to find out, because spring is here and we just can’t wait to sit outside on a terrace by a glass of soda wine, even though in the evening we still like to settle ourselves in our favourite places of the winter. Besides the offer, their atmosphere is also very important, and in most of these places, you can also enjoy bistro cuisine if you want to relax after or during work.

Divino Borbár [Divino Wine bar]

Resilience is appealing to anyone, and though we are slowly getting older along with the members of Junibor [Association of Young Hungarian Winemakers], fresh and vital Hungarian wine will always remain our heart-throb. Especially as it gets warmer in the daytime, it’s a good idea to arrange a date or meet up with friends or colleagues at one of the Divinos. If you’re planning an evening with conversations and tasting, go to the Basilica, and if you’re heading for a party, choose Gozsdu! Both places await you with a fantastic menu: quality, flavours, fusion.

DiVino Gozsdu and DiVino Bazilika
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SzalonSpicc Coffee and Wine bar

The most popular wine bar on the Buda side with the romance of promenades in the Lövőház street. The place offers everything that resembles the atmosphere of Mediterranean taverns: more than 60 kinds of wine, champagne and sparkling wine from the world’s most famous wine regions and, of course, from Hungary. Enjoy your morning coffee here while reading the newspaper or relax after work with a glass of wine and make sure to try the selection of mini burgers and macarons. Insider reports say that during the Gourmet Festival, they have phenomenal after-parties here, so if you want to go on an adventure ride in the industry, this is the place where you can join in.

Szalonspicc Kávé és Borbár
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The most trendy: in the right place at the right time. A sophisticated selection of wines, without formalities, where wine snobbery in a positive sense is nearly a must. You do not have to know everything about wine, all you should tell is how your day was and they will know what to choose. You should also eat something at the Innio because it’s fine as well: cauliflower soup deluxe with caviar, oysters, salt lake carp from Akasztó, Mangalica pork sausage and joselito ham.

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Doblo Wine & Bar 

A true rarity in a sea of wine bars in Budapest, in fact, one of the first of its kind. Open-eyed wine lovers can find treasures in their selection. Hungarian organic and artisan wines, palinkas, classic cocktails, cold platters with homemade cheeses and hams. There is live music and wine tasting every day, spiced up with the atmosphere of cosy conversations at home. 

Doblo Bor Bár
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Drop Shop Borbár [Drop Shop Wine bar]

A wine bar engrafted into a wine shop for the lovers of wine, palinka and sparkling wine, offering bottles not only from Hungary but also from the world’s most famous wine regions. Wine tastings are pepped up with tapas prepared from cheese, ham and bruschetta. In summer, you can continue while standing on the street or leaning against a tree. They are never unserious about serious sparkling wines.

Drop Shop Borbár
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Kadarka Bar

This place in the immediate vicinity of the party district is as busy as one of the crowded bars of Sex and New York on a Saturday evening. Here, you can find the wines of almost all Hungarian wineries: make your choice and enjoy it at the bar or grab yourself a chair outside on the street in good weather. According to the owner, they are proud of the fact that the great number of their regular guests comprise mostly of Hungarian wine-lovers. It is no coincidence that they offer no short drinks with soda in the afternoon at half price … 

Kadarka Bár
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