A diner of Emperors: Vígvarjú provides a real glimpse into the history of Pest

Taste the century-long tradition at a legendary spot  For visitors with culinary and intellectual curiosity, lunch or dinner at Vígvarjú is unmissable to absorb the Pest experience. With a combination of elegance, good taste, and affordable prices, Vígvarjú represents a standard in gastronomy that is hard to come by even in the bustling streets of

A bite of heaven – French toast deluxe

French toast is the easiest breakfast to make but we’ll show you how interesting it can be. Lajos Lutz the creative chef of the Zsidai Group applies small but significant changes to this everyday dish to make it more special. Let’s get to it and make it for the whole family. Or if you feel

Here goes the Doughnut madness!

The DOUGHNUT, with all its capital letters is what our grandmas used to make for us when we were kids. When dipped into apricot preserve the handmade, light, spongy pastry can transport anyone to another dimension. And right now is the perfect time for Doughnuts as the carnival season with its big feasts and parties