Cottage cheese for all! – From dips to the tastiest scones

A great ingredient that’s healthy and tasty at the same time? That’s cottage cheese made from whole milk. You should try making it at home, it’s really simple, so stay away from the ones that come in a box in supermarkets.

It’s no magic – cottage cheese from whole milk

Let the milk curdle then heat it up to about 60 to 65 degrees. Be very careful not to boil it because at 75 degrees Celsius you can kiss all the vitamins and calcium goodbye. When it’s nice and lumpy spoon the clots and the hard bits into a linen cloth then hang it up somewhere for the excess liquid to drain. After that all will remain is delicious cottage cheese. It’s going to be heavenly!

Cottage cheese is very healthy, full of protein, calcium, and phosphor, and is easily digested due to its low energy content. It’s widely used and is a hail Mary to anyone on a diet (I can say this from personal experience, having lost 24 kilos).

In its most basic form, you can eat it sweet with some fruits, or you can make a savory dip or spread from it seasoned just the way you like it. In conclusion: cottage cheese is healthy, cheap, readily available, and it’s easy to make at home. In closing, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: the perfect cottage cheese scone recipe!



Shopping list:

400 grams of oatmeal flour, 400 grams of flour (BL-55), 500 grams of cottage cheese, 250 grams of butter, 230 grams of sour cream, 4 eggs, 30 grams of salt. For the toppings: 1 egg, cheese, and linseed


This is how you make it!

Mix the two flours, baking powder, and salt, then crumble in the butter, and cottage cheese. When combined, add the sour cream, eggs and knead thoroughly.  Cover the dough and let it rest for 20 minutes on a floured board. Roll dough out into an inch thick round and checker the top with a knife. Cut with round cookie cutter then brush with a beaten egg. After a little salt on top, you can also add linseed or thyme. Best eaten warm! Warning: easy to overdose!


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