Dessert for us – a sweet tour around 3 continents

Travel with us and let’s take a look at the international dessert market! There’s no accounting for tastes. There are at least as many dessert, as there are countries and they range from the simplest to the most complex. Take a trip around the globe with us and let’s explore the most typical snacks people eat after lunch or dinner. We recommend you read this article in the company of some sweets!

What to offer with tea?

Almond, raspberry jam scones or a rhubarb pie? Cake filled with blackcurrant sauce or sugar syrup molasses? A little crème fraiche on the side? You guessed right, we’re in England!



Scones with raspberry jam

Refreshing delicacy from the Aegean Sea

A traditional dessert from the island of Milos. If you want to spend your summer far from other tourists you should visit this little island located halfway between Athens and Crete. Its population is only five thousand but there are plenty of culinary experiences to explore. One of our favorite desserts here was the watermelon pie (karpouzopita) which is traditionally served with honey.




Far Eastern desserts made from special ingredients

Asia doesn’t lack desserts either. One of the most popular desserts in Hong Kong is called lao po bing. It’s basically a white gourd, almond cream pie with sesame seeds on top. The origin of this sweet snack is shrouded in mystery and there are many legends about it. There’s also the traditional coconut cake and an interesting little sweet that’s filled with red bean paste and egg yolks.



Lao po bing 

Chocolate and coconut – the winning duo!

If you’re on your way to a party and you want to show your friends something new we recommend this simple yet hearty dessert straight from Nigeria. Crunchy with lots of coconuts that’s best eaten after dipped in chocolate sauce.



Homemade biscuite  

A colorful personality

Here comes the favorite treat of all Mexicans, the pastel tres leches which is irresistibly creamy because it’s made with milk, cream, and condensed milk as well. You should try it with an assortment of frozen fruits.



Pastel tres leches 

Brazilian bonbon

 Let’s jump over to Brazil. Everyone knows it’s the home of cocoa but not many are aware of the divine desserts they make out of it over there. Let’s take a closer look at these magnificent bonbons.



The other side of Thai cuisine

What would you say to a crumbly pie filled with pineapple cream? The Taiwanese dessert fengli su is easy to make and easier to eat. They also have a miracle made with black sesame seed and sweet oils and the sun cake which is made from an oil and water based pastry and a sugar and butter cream. The good news is that they serve these with lemon-honey jelly.



Fengli su 


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