Let’s be tourists for a day! – A trip around our Basilica

Whenever foreign friends come for a visit to Hungary, they’ll surely ask what is worth seeing, where they should stay or go to. Everyone can find the sights of Budapest in guidebooks or the internet, while at the same time, it is much harder to navigate on the sea of restaurants and bistros without competent guidance. Here is our list: Top 5 places to visit in Budapest: attractions, drinks, culinary delights – this time, around the Basilica.


Food, wine, coffee – Yes, indeed! Even in that order. Here you can find out all about Hungary and try the most authentic ingredients in a modern guise. They offer lamb, salt lake carp from Akasztó, Mangalica and beef brain with oysters and plum with burrata. Their wine selection is international: we can taste many foreign and even more Hungarian wines from the best wineries.

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One of the prides of the Hungarian Michelin-quadriga: a fine dining bistro, which didn’t rush for the award, has nevertheless received and managed to keep it from year to year ever since with pride. This is the place everybody would like to present to foreign guests as typical Hungarian: creative, delicious, with a wide range of Hungarian wines, informal, relaxed, yet with top-notch gastronomy. So, we should stay cool, too, right?

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The hottest of all places where they know how to feed the Hungarian way in the international forefront. Flawlessly prepared, simple dishes adapted into Hungarian cuisine; here you can figure out which craft beer suits which Hungarian dish best: goulash soup, duck chips with celery cream, BBQ or Pest sausage? If you’re looking for a sparkling atmosphere and would like to watch a match, come together or eat together – you can get it all here. On Tuesday evenings, anything is possible! This is the new Friday around here.

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The king of steaks – or a fully American place in Budapest. You can eat meat with meat and no one will reproach you for that. You can start with Mangalica, ham, sausage or a nice steak tartare. Then you better go for what you’ve really come here for and order a decent steak. Angus, Mangalica or wagyu? The choice is up to you. If you only entertain the idea of trying it, you can start with a lunch menu.

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Another gem of gastro tourism in Budapest: a friendly, bright and lovely place. Those who are really interested in gastronomy can not only have a culinary experience, but also be entertained by chef Gergely Kiss and his team who already did a remarkable job at the Crocus in Villány, since they cook in an open kitchen behind a giant glass window with open cards. About the menu: Mediterranean attitude to life in Hungarian style.

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