Easter at the edge of the forest – Adventures in Muravidék

In secret or not between the two holidays (Christmas and Easter) many of us think about if it we’re possible to relocate the whole family togetherness and cooking to somewhere else. In an effort to relieve the workload many of us turn to restaurants or food ordering. But why stop there? Why not go on a vacation filled with happy experiences? Now there’s something to look forward to in a holiday! If you don’t count the 67 phone calls it’s easy to tell everyone “This year we’re travelling”.
Let us show you some destinations.

Easter at the edge of the forest

Bázakerettye, a small village in Zala country surrounded by dense forests, offers us the opportunity to get to know the village traditions and to explore the countryside. The members of this family business give it their all for the guests. They pile their tables high with palinkas, honey, home-made sausages, cheeses, smoked goods, teas made from the flowers of the surrounding forests and the best wines the region has to offer. Holiday weekends here are for the family. They specialise in enchanting the kids with their playhouse, forest gift searches, wooden egg making and scone baking classes. You can also find all sorts of great destination nearby, such as the Kistolmácsi lake, the Budafai arboretum but there’s also an orchid farm, the Lendva Castle and the house of professor Öveges.


And all of this is accompanied by a restaurant where as far as possible the ingredients come from the countryside. The menu always contains foods native to the Zala region like fruits, mushrooms and game meat. Their breads are made with traditional sourdough and they grow their own aromatic flowers in the backyard. The foie gras makes its way to our table surrounded by orange jam and green walnuts. The garlic cream soup is served in a loaf of bread with fried cheese on top. The dödölle comes accompanies with soft-boiled eggs, mushrooms and hade made ripened cheese. Regarding meats, we can choose between Mangalica, venison or chicken. Did we mention that the kaiserschmarren comes with peach palinka ice cream? (x)

(More information about the Easter weekend at Bázakerettye HERE)


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