Our 5 favorite places at noon on a Sunday – from the diary of GastroGuide

Even though we are supermoms, wives, and makers of Sunday lunches, sometimes it’s good to get out of the kitchen and let someone else do the cooking. Or we could be in a situation where we need to give advice to relatives or foreigners so it’s always wise to know what’s open on a Sunday. In our regular top 5 we showcase restaurants where we wouldn’t think twice about bringing our moms with us knowing that she wouldn’t be able to find fault with the food.

Vendéglő a KisBíróhoz

If we crave authentic Sunday lunches but at the same time we want something special we have to head to the restaurant of Lajos Bíró situated on the slopes of the Buda mountain range. We walk, laugh, get hungry, go in, and choose something. Oxtail soup, or goulash, retro ox cheek or wiener schnitzel Bock style, pike fillet or fish soup – these are all signature dishes of the chef. After tasting the fish soup we vow to come here on Saturdays as well because that’s Paks fish soup and fresh fish day.

Fotó: Vendéglő a KisBíróhoz // Facebook

Photo: Vendéglő a KisBíróhoz // Facebook

Két Szerecsen

We absolutely adore this place. Maybe because it makes us think about the relaxed lunches and jovial dinners we used to have with our friends in our youth. One thing is for certain: everyone here leans back with a sigh of content at the end of our meal. Even those with the most critical minds. There are regulars who always go for their favorite: fried chicken with basil infused mashed potatoes and tomato salad. And then there are those who opt for novelties. Bistro, café, breakfast, and French in the most Hungarian way.



If your kith and kin are not amazed by Michelin Stars we will convince them with other means. We tell them that the attitude here is nice, friendly and professional almost as if we were eating at our aunt’s place. Fresh, local, and French ingredients, rich flavors, and crazy good plating. Every dish is a masterpiece with its own wine pairing. In addition to all this, the new generation is in full swing here: the average age of the staff here is impudently under our own!


Pest-Buda Bistro

You don’t have to be a tourist to walk around the Castle and bask in its glory! You can find all the big Hungarian classics on the menu here: from the chicken broth to goulash, from the beef to the catfish stew, from aranygaluska to palacsinta. Their house specialty is the perfect “kenyérlángos” which we highly recommend if you’re not full already. Or you could start with it, the kids will surely demolish it in seconds, plus it’s a great appetizer for adults.

Fotó: www.pest-buda.com

Photo: www.pest-buda.com

Szimpla Háztáji

It’s not your classic menu-type place, it’s a more relaxed, street food type place, but it doesn’t skip out on big flavors. What sure is that they work with fresh ingredients from the Szimpla farmers’ market. Diverse dishes with a homely twist made from what available daily. Burgers made with beef or chicken, various dips, squid, spicy fried prawns, and goulash. In addition, we get to take part in a charity event because they donate all proceeds to good causes, so it’s a win-win situation.

Fotó: Szimpla Háztáji // Facebook

Photo: Szimpla Háztáji // Facebook

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