Come with us to Amsterdam! The chronicle of a perfect day

Amsterdam is youthful, hip and full of restaurants. Of course it’ full of tourist-trap places just as any other big city so it’s advisable to have a guide book with you so you know what where to go and what to try. Especially if you’re there for a long weekend. If this is the case you need surefire tips on where to go. Fortunately for you, we gathered some of these here.

Breakfast – Amszterdam_CTCoffeAndCoconuts_01
C T Coffee & Coconuts

This not so small breakfast place is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is mandatory for anyone who visits the Dutch capital. It only opened a year and a half ago but it’s so popular that it easily fills its four floors with guests. The design is “love at first sight”, every centimeter is perfectly furnished. Special coffees, exciting and outstanding smoothie list and breakfasts, based on healthy foods, that you can order until 4 pm – these are some of the things that characterize this place.




Coffee – Scandinavian Embassy

A small coffee shop that’s famous in the Joordan district, where you can get the best coffee in town. The place looks as if all the new-wave coffee shops of Hungary that have a “slack, I don’t really care but the décor must match everywhere” demeanor have been fused into one. The baristas fit well into the overall picture. They know what they’re doing and they’re aware of how good they are just like the rest in all the other places. And the coffee that arrives straight from Stockholm is magnificent and prepared perfectly.



Anything anytime – De Foodhallen

Without a doubt, this place is the trendiest place in Amsterdam. It’s located in the western historic region of the city in a building that once served as a train depot. I can only describe Foodhallen if I compare it to our own Downtown Market. An indoor market where the visitors are met with the top streetfoods, coolers, magnificent cocktails, beers and other alcoholic beverages of various cultures. We strongly recommend that you don’t arrive alone and that you should visit De Foodhallen as many times as you can during your stay.






Dinner – Ron Gastrobar

This awesome 1 Michelin Star gastro bar is the perfect choice for a more serious dinner in Amsterdam. Although it has a Star its devoid of the stress that sometimes comes with that. As they write in the Michelin Guide: “…little formality but original, delicious food and sensational flavours”. Great value for money. We can’t even complain about the mood and the staff is nice and professional. In the semi-open kitchen, everything is spotless and the crew works with discipline yet they enjoy themselves. The chef is happy to give anyone a tour and the owner Ron Blaauw is awesome and gave me a cookbook that weighs at least 6 pounds.



(Photos: Lilla Laczó)

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