Let’s have lunch at a hotel! 5 great choices in Budapest

The times when they only wanted to “get away” with feeding people in Hotels are long past. Nowadays boutique hotels seem to materialize from thin air and you don’t have to go anywhere to have a fine dining experience, they take care of it all in house. And if you live in Budapest you don’t have to search for long because you can also have dinner at these hotels.


This restaurant is located in the Castle District and its design is witty, imaginative and trendy, almost vintage like. The service is great with a lot of smiles. The dishes are creative, honest and authentic. Their secret is most likely the use of fresh ingredients. Their rallying cry is: homely and homelike. The ham & eggs are a good breakfast choice and we recommend you get the bouillon or the goulash for lunch. For dinner, we can choose from Hungarian classics or grilled bistro style dishes like the dim-sum tuna burger or the bio rack of lamb with paprika sauce.

Baltazár Budapest

Aria Hotel – Stradivari restaurant

The eclectic palace of Budapest where the guests can choose the design of their rooms according to music genres. It’s no accident they named their restaurant Stradivari. The whole place is permeated by music. Their main concept in composing their dishes was to make bistro dishes from ingredients they get from farmers. We’re really interested to try the cheese made from the milk of goats that listen to jazz music.

Aria Hotel Budapest
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The hotel that has had on of the best restaurants in the city since the 18 hundreds. And this hasn’t changed since. Homely cooking with Hungarian classics in a new guise. Homely and simple dishes made from the freshest ingredients:  golden, melt in your mouth and juicy flavors!

Pest-Buda Bistro & Hotel

Gerlóczy Cafe & Rooms

A romantic peacetime café with a hotel. They make bistro style food with hearty breakfasts which are built on the ingredients of gourmet trader Tamás T. Nagy. International kitchen with a big spoon of added Hungarian cuisine and dishes like duck liver with mango-tomato-peach chutney, aged sirloin, ratatouille with anchovy and pine nuts.

Gerlóczy Cafe and Rooms de Lux
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Kollázs restaurant, Gresham Palace

Kollázs is located inside one of the most known hotel chains of the world, the Four Seasons. Thanks to Árpád Győrffy the restaurant has a Hungarian-French style with a lot of twists. We definitely recommend having a celebratory dinner there once in a while. We can pick from dishes such as dove & goose liver, black root, rose hips, chicken liver or rack of lamb, mushrooms, onion variations and rosemary.

Kollázs restaurant, Gresham Palace
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